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Explosion protection

In many companies, the flawless function and cost-effectiveness of a dedusting system come first with safety. This is exactly why bg filtration products (e.g. of the AERSTAR type) with explosion protection are developed.

In many applications, flammable and explosive dusts such as B. flour, milk powder, sugar, wood dust, coal dust, etc. are safely separated.

In these cases, the filter with the necessary protective measures for preventive and, if necessary, constructive explosion protection.

DIN EN 1127-1 – Explosive atmospheres Explosion protection,

Part 1: Basics and methodology equipped.

The required protective measures are selected and installed according to the requirements of the application and the local conditions at the installation site of the filter

Applicable standards and guidelines on explosion protection:

  • Explosion protection in dedusting systems
  • ATEX 137 / BetrSichV explosion protection document – zoning
  • Device groups and categories according to zone classification for dusts
  • ATEX 95 required testing of devices, components and autonomous protection systems
  • ATEX 95 Applicability of bg filtration products
  • Explosion protection in the various areas of application e.g. Automotive and wood industries

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