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»Stock only has change.«

A new product area or new manufacturing processes, new regulations or increased performance requirements can affect your system requirements.
Technological development is progressing steadfastly, and keeping up with it can be challenging.

Regardless of whether it is about the complete conversion of your production process or the retrofitting, retrofitting or modernization of individual components:
Modification BG Filtration provides the technology and expertise that we have gathered over decades of experience all over the world and in various industries.

We find solutions that comply with all relevant regulations, meet your individual needs and maximize your economic profit. Our tailor-made modernization options help you to master every technical challenge in this fast-moving time.

Washer renovation

  • Renewal of the nozzle sticks
  • Renewal of guide and separation profiles
  • Lamination for leaks
  • Complete exchange of the chamber

Modification of complete systems:

  • Increase in air volume
  • Expand or rebuild washers
  • Modifications in the area of ​​climate and waste disposal technology

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