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Primary air extraction in power plants

… for more effectiveness in waste incineration.

With a special fiber separation unit , bg filtration gmbh is launching a solution for the smooth operation of waste incineration plants .

The fiber separation unit is used in the area of ​​the primary air in the bunker . Here it ensures that the ascending, fibrous parts that arise when the waste is fed in are already extracted .

The problem of blockage of the LuVos (heat exchanger) is contained by the suction.

As a result, significantly less cleaning effort is required and there is also no secondary air extraction. The result is a significantly reduced energy consumption and thus lower energy costs .

The product can also increase the efficiency of the LuVo and thus the energy generation from waste incineration .

An investment that has already paid for itself in numerous systems and has been able to significantly improve the processes.


  • Minimizing the blockage of the LuVos
  • Less cleaning work for the LuVos
  • Secondary air extraction is eliminated
  • Higher efficiency of the heat exchanger
  • Higher energy yield from waste incineration

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