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Quality as a leading feature

Quality has always been a top priority at bg filtration. Engineering and manufacturing under one roof, optimized processes as well as qualified personnel, ensure a high quality standard. As part of our continuous quality cycle, detected defects in production are immediately eliminated by design. Each product is checked before delivery. Our filters are in use for an average of over 30 years.

Saving resources through optimal functionality

Each filter system is optimally designed for the application with regard to

  • of the product to filter
  • the product quantity
  • the conveying pressure
  • the pressure loss
  • the environmental conditions

This saves up to 25% in energy and maintenance costs.
Thus we protect the environment and your wallet.


Sustainability and environmental awareness have always been close to our hearts. That is why we rely on regional partners with short delivery routes. Our suppliers are all located within a radius of only 300km.

We even source 80% of the material for our filter systems from within a radius of just 50km. We avoid long delivery routes, thus strengthening the regional economy and reducing the ecological footprint.

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